1. Tumblr SEO: natural or unnatural Tumblr referencing

    Tumblr Seo finally easily accessible ! Even tough Tumblr has this bad reputation for not being SEO friendly – which is by the way absolutely not the case -, there are hundreds of articles dealing with Tumblr referencing. Everybody dreams of having articles ranking at the top of the first page of search engines such as Google but not all Tumblr site owners master the art of programming and of natural referencing. Thus, it is highly challenging for Tumblr site managers to get involved in Tumblr SEO practices when they are told to use html to modify the <title> tag to reflect post title and summary. Some other pundits also advise to modify the meta tag for title and description or to put appropriate keywords into the keywords meta tag. The last most popular tip recommends the submission of the sitemap.xml to Google Webmaster Tool, Y ! Site explorer and Bing Webmaster.

    Of course, as you understand, natural referencing requires some programming litteracy and an insightful comprehension of referencing methods.

    In clear, even though natural referencing is free, it may be quite time consuming to understand and implement it. But we do have some good news in store : we offer you a TumblrSEO alternative solution that you can find out at http://www.seotumblr.com.

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